Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Decisions - A Poem Inspiried by Ericson

Affluent escapades are teetering on the dominion of judgment day.

A day that will supersede with a well-premeditated verdict dismay.

An oxymoronic spectrum is set before the decision maker.

With instructions, “You must choose the lesser of two evils.

WTF?! The lesser of two evils is the sum of good upheavals.

Walk off the proverbial cliff or drown in the sea of impending doom.

One choice you are alive reaching for the skies, then BOOM!

You’re gone, with not the funkiest idea of what went wrong.

Another destiny you are dancing to a malevolence song.

The beat is thunderous and you are on your own.

Its fiery trance entreaties your core, it won’t let go.

Emblazoned memories flicker through your soul.

They burn your thoughts and soon fatally you let go.

So you see the decision isn’t easy.

Sell your soul to the devil or let things go breezy.

Whatever terminus you so deem appropriate for your ominous conduit.

Make sure the sweat and work is valid; be it, don’t just do it.

Cause sooner or later you’ll find an empty soul

With No sustenance behind your decision, you’re just on cruise control.

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