Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spray CHEATER on his parking spot....

Maturity bellows and bends to the richly fined tune of SATISFACTION.

Revenge runs through my red arteries, My Heart is skipping to a beat of REVELATION!

A choice is to be made, act like a dignified poised lady.

Don’t let him get the best of you baby.

But damn it feels so good to get my tingling keys

And scratch the words PUSSY ASS NIGGA until his Jaguar bleeds.

Ooo this bleach feels soo good to touch expensive Burberry cloth.

I'm feeling so uplifted my eyes smooth over and gloss.

Splish splash, criss crash Svorski crystal makes a splintery trance.

Another woman he has begot?

Spray paint CHEATER on his parking spot.


I bet you didn’t think I would take it this far.

But honey chile let me tell u, you fucked with the RIGHT one today.

And all I got to say is aint nuttin like a woman scorned.

Fuck a heart belittled mashed and torn.

Materialistically this shit don’t matter.

Only the matters of my heart have fodder.

Destruction is a girl’s best friend.

It doesn’t boil down to who emotionally had the win.

It just matters that you broke the trust.

And now your things must come to dust.

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