Friday, February 5, 2010

What goes up must come down

My demeanor started off on a flat line.
Life was mediocre and everything was just fine.
It could be better, or it could be worse.
Listen to the plea in my verse.
A little kindling started the flame.
It burst into a fire that's hard to tame.
A gush of goodness came over me.
Whenever it was just me and he.
A strange turned to a crush.
A crush revolutionized into a lush.
Like a bee pursuing a flower in lust.
Woe is Me! How sad to foresee.
This ending in pity.
For what goes up, must come down.
And if it ends my world will frown.
Alas! It shall be a travesty.
One more tragedy to add to my downer dynasty.
It was all love like Barney & Friends.
But If all good things must come to an end.....

At least for now can I still pretend?

Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings were made to wipe the 7 day slate clean.
If you've ever had a bad Saturday night, you know exactly what I mean.
Its 9 am as I open the blinds
The week starts fresh I leave the rest all behind.
One inebriated Saturday night
tricked me into thinking this one was looking right.
As I lay on my satin sheets.
Thinking the day might start of bleak.
I look ahead to what might be a great week.
I appraise the past deeds done in despondency.
Somehow I know this Sunday morning will liberate me.

My phone is ringing, it must be my moronic misconstrue.
Telling me what a great time and if I felt it too?
Taciturnity, bereaves my lips.
As if something is amiss.
This is a new day, a day to reconcile.
My Sunday mornings are a time of docile.
I pick up the pieces of a life yet learned.
And come to realize what I discern.
The day is calm and the mockingbird beckons.
Sun rays beaming down from heaven.
Yea my solecism is true.
But that doesnt mean my Sunday morning has to be blue.