Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Recipe for PissedOffvity

I’m sitting on the Metro…Watching white men in good health, wearing cotton navy blue suits laden with pin stripes and the blood sweat and tears of my ancestors--discuss business deals using generational wealth.

White Men, manspread in every corner of the fucking earth claiming whatever land they land on. Legs white open encroaching on black territory.

Pop. Boom. Another nigger dead. And not one white tear shed. Yet white tears doth floweth amid eyes that rolleth; "I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did--why don't you just get over it?!"

I contemplate, how the fuck is this just?

Then, I get mad.

Not because every single colored thing that white people have ever touched has resulted in genocide, rape and disgust.

I’m mad because, I’m afraid to raise black babies in my black womb. To later on have to raise and lower black babies in white tomb.

I’m mad as hell.

Because our boys are seen as men, and our men are seen as thugs. Our black girls and black women are seen as walking sex-jugs for the appropriation by Kardashian thugs.

I’m pissed off.

Because they call our homeland corrupt as they hide their slave wealth in foreign bank accounts. They bleed and rape our lands till there’s nothing left but black dust.

I’m about to go off...
After years of being double conscious, suffering whitewashing & white assimilation, European beauty standards forced upon us--we’re told “Don’t dye your hair blonde” “Don’t wear dreadlocks” 

“Your booty is too much”

What. In thee. Entire. Fuck?

Shoot now, ask questions later.
Take now, ask resources later.
Lock up now, justice later.

Its known that...
Cocaine is white good. Crack is black bad.
Angel’s Food Cake = White
Devil’s Food Cake = Black

Subliminal Messages = Unconscious Biases.
Intentional Oppression mixed with Fortuitous Emancipation.
Add two drops of rage and shake together make for a…


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Florida State University Rape Survivor Speaks Out

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By Crime Watch Daily

"It was Halloween, so a lot of students were out getting ready for parties that night," said Kassie Edwards. "So there weren't too many people. There was nobody on that floor actually when I walked in. So the lights came on and I noticed a man in a hoodie and he walked past me, and then I walked to the shelf where I started shelving books.

"He came back down my aisle, that's when he put his arm around my neck and he raped me," said Edwards. "I was going to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. He said 'Don't say nothing' and then he pointed to his waist pocket as if he had a gun.

"He made me count backwards from 100 and he told me not to say anything to anybody, and then he took my ID badge and then he left," said Edwards.

She had been savagely attacked for almost 30 excruciating minutes in a deserted library corridor. That experience became even more terrifying once Edwards reported it to police and found out who raped her.
Check your state here: Where the Backlog Exists.
If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, visit theRape, Abuse & Incest National Network, or call the RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

"I was able to obtain warrants for him for sexual battery with a firearm," saidLeon County Sheriff's Sgt. Wiley Meggs.

Cops say Edwards's bravery helped them track down her attacker. Thoughrape kits across the nation often sit idle, DNA from hers was tested quickly and the results ultimately led to a dangerous assailant who had victimized others.

Haywood Henry was more of a monster than they ever imagined.

"He murdered his girlfriend," said Edwards.

"She was shot in the back of the head with a sawed-off shotgun," said Sgt. Meggs.

The victim, Mileah Lindsey, was Henry's girlfriend. She was found dead by her young child in the home she shared with Henry.

Henry was only 19 at the time, but as the police investigation revealed, he's done a lot of damage in his young life as a serial rapist.

"Hayward Henry was very angry, very violent, he was always armed when he went out," said Sgt. Meggs. "One lady that he raped he beat so brutally she was almost unrecognizable."

One underage victim told police that Henry actually showed remorse while assaulting her.

"She began to cry and told him that she had been raped prior and did not want to have to live through that kind of experience again, so he apologized and stopped," said Meggs.

"I would have periods where I relived what happened to me over and over again, and it felt like it was fresh new trauma," said Edwards.

Until he was caught.

"He had broken into another house in the neighborhood and was hiding in a closet," said Sgt. Meggs. "The SWAT team went in, surrounded the house and went inside and eventually located him inside the refrigerator of the home."

Police later learned that Henry was wearing his victim's clothing while he was hiding out.

"It was never determined if he was in fact a cross-dresser or if he was just doing this to elude capture by law enforcement by posing as a woman," said Meggs.

But they do know that Henry had serious issues with women, evident not only by his rap sheet, but by the female officers who tried to interview him after he was arrested.

"He got up out of the interview chair and got in a corner and pulled into the fetal position and would not look at the female officers while conducting the interview," said Sgt. Meggs.

Hayward Henry was eventually convicted of murder and seven sexual assaults and is now serving life in prison with no chance for parole.

But before he was sent to prison, Edwards believed she'd always be living in fear, serving her own life sentence too.

"Rapists don't rape one time. They've done it before and will do it again if they get away with it, so it's kind of empowering to get somebody locked up and put away for something they did to you," said Edwards.

She's now become a champion for change to get more support for victims and for funding rape kits like the one that helped catch her assailant.

"I think it's absolutely a disgrace that these rape kits are not tested. I think it should be a priority so that we can get these backlogs of rape kits tested and that we can match them to criminals," said Kassie Edwards. "We need to get those people locked up."

According to End the Backlog, a non-profit organization fighting to fix the problem, the state of Florida has more than 13,000 rape kits that are backlogged right now. States like California and Colorado have more than 6,000 kits that still need to be tested.

Monday, February 8, 2016

"I Dont See Color!" Said the White Blind Man to His Black Deaf Wife

"I dont see color"
"Black Lives Matter? How about ALL lives matter?"
"Why is there a black history month or BET?"
"Why is there so much division?"


Lets analyze these common statements from some ignorant people of non-color with "seemingly" good hippy intentions of inclusion and LOVE.
Look people, we know you are well intended with your euphoric, butterfly language of love and union and holding hands and kumbaya n shit, but Im gonna be curt.

You do see color. We ALL see color. 

The only person who can claim to not see color is a blind man and even then colors can be explained as emotions or feelings.

Lets get one thing straight. I want EVERYONE to see color. Being black is apart of who who I am. It shapes and molds a person culturally and socially. Being black is an indication of the kind of treatment I will get from another person. My struggles have made me the woman you see today. My triumphs and nappy hair are apart of my blackness and therefore apart of me. 

"Seeing no color" is a myth. Differences is what makes us a unique mix. You wouldn't puree a salad and serve it to someone would you? Why? Because each component adds a special flavor, texture, and shape. Their differences make the salad tasty. 

But Kassie "We're all the same on the inside..." 



No we're not, and if you told a Med School student we're all the same on the inside it would be *cringeworthy* Stand a male and a female next to each other. Cut them open. 
A man has a penis--I do not. 
A woman has a vagina--a man does not.  
Women have estrogen and breast.
Men have testosterone and facial hair.
These are things that make up apart of who we are. Emotionally women are nurturers and men are protectors and providers this is how God (and/or Mother Nature for the non-believers) made us. 

Why aren't we going around calling men and women the same--oh wait "we are" in the feminist movement (misnomer). Actually feminism is a movement to create the same OPPORTUNITIES for both sexes not a claim that men and women are physiologically the same. So if a woman wants to be a construction worker/soldier in battle/miner/ceo/main breadwinner she should have that right to do so and get paid the same (but let's save that for another blog post). The point is my color, your lack thereof, his ethnicity, her culture, his creed all these differences make for an interesting mix.

Lets not put my color in a blender to dissolve in some bland confused melting pot of culture. Let my color keep its flavor and shape and then add it to the other cultures in the pot to create a salad amalgamation of America.

A better statement: 
"I see your color but I don't care"

My last point is that even if you think you don't see color. Subconsciously--You DO! Its called implicit bias. Just below the surface of your conscious mind, you are making preferences, micro-judgements and decisions based on stereotypes, sensationalist media and your misguided perception. 

Something like 60% of Americans are biased towards white people. That means 60% of black and white people have a preference towards white people and subconsciously think black people are untrustworthy. Don't believe me just watch! Take the test, click here!

Even on a global scale color matters. Why? Because European Colonialist went around the world conquering black, yellow, brown nations and telling them their color is a problem and you shouldnt own this land because we the white imperialists can do a better job than your savage, primitive, dark complected tribe. 

West Indies.
Native Americans.
SE Asia.
South America.

And now 400 years later their offspring all of a sudden DONT want to see color? Nah homie, its gonna take more than 40 years of integration and tolerance to reverse what white european mass murderers like;
  • King Leopold II (10 Million Congolese) and 
  • Christopher Columbus (49 Million  American Indians) and 
  • Vasco Núñez de Balboa (2 Million indigenous central americans), 
  • German General Lothar von Trotha (110,000 Herero and Nama Africans), 
  • Hitler (11 million Jewish people, Gypsies, and Differently Abled people), 
  • European Slave Traders/Owners (11 Million Africans during the Middle Passage). 
  • Honorable mentions: Australian Aboriginals, Armenians, Rwandan Genocide...(probably another 2 Million)

OMG I could go on and on and on....but I won't because this shit is depressing and I got things to do today. And for all the people who have died to get me here--you WILL see my color and one day it WONT matter and you'll make no judgements or pre decisions or faulty conclusions because of it. But one day we all will see the power and the triumphant blessings of being black.

"I see your color but I don't care"