Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Touch Affair

It started out as casual as a touch.
Comfort and consolation between two friends, was that too much?
She needed a comforter and he needed a friend.
Notwithstanding how this relationship might end.
So they pursued a touch affair.
One in need of contact and the other giving theirs.
It was the perfect unspoken Love contract.
And when they convene the love flows freely via ravine.
Mmm mmm is all she could say.
It been a long time since she’d been touched this way.
Were the only words exchanged between them.
When things got too hot and heavy.
She’d break down like a Louisiana Levy.
Out flowed the tension.
In came the love pension.
A simple touch lit the flame.
A casual brush sent down the rain.
She hopes their makeshift affair doesn’t disappear.
Hoping to continue this touch affair.

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