Saturday, March 15, 2008


Temptation hails in the midst of desperation.
I have these impluses for sudden completion.
Urges to reduce my stress leads to my confess.
I have this distinct urge to forgo a caress.
I know my advances would lead to nothing less.
Pump the brakes,
For heavens sakes!
But then I saw him sans the shirt.
Look I gotta be curt.
His cuts were so HD it hurt.
My hands had an urge to discover and lurk.
I knew my way around his brown skin.
As if chocolate and him were akin.
I had an urge to bite in.
They say chocolate goes right to the hips.
Well I wanted his chocolate between my lips.
I urged him on.
My love so strong.
He took me by urgency.
His prideful complacency.
Melted my cocoa butter.
Urgent words to utter.
Onomatopoeias like "ooo" and "ahh"
Then sexiness turned to guffaw.
I had an urge to bottle your laughter.
And fill everyones world with your sexy chatter.
The cost wont matter.
My urges, His flatter.
Im emphatic
My urges seem automatic.
Whenever he smiles I panic
Lip between teeth I tuck.
I have this urgent sensation to....

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