Tuesday, March 18, 2008

His Touch

I once knew a gentleman who took me to.....well y'all know what I mean.
He gave me forbidden fruit for sensual sight.
He was the cookie to my milk.
Oh yea he did a body good.
He did me right.

Took advantage of my naive plight.
You see I was an unplucked flower.
A color purple, unseen.
Waiting for my day
When I would become somebodys bouquet.

And how I miss dipping his cookie into milk.
Heh, I was the creamy filling to his oreo.

Although I miss His touch
I dont crave it that much.

Let me break it down, yall.

Girl Naive....Heh!
Unplucked flower?
Forbidden sensual fruit?
Milk n Cookies?


Let me put it to yall like this.
If I was Eve, he'd be the conniving Snake.
If I was Samson, he'd be Delilah.
If I was Effie, he'd be my Curtis...

And I am telling you, Im not going
Im approaching
With caution

No longer letting the physical choose my destiny.
Always thinking with logic.
Head First or Feet First.
Im coming out on top,

But just because I enjoy the memories.
Does not make me weak.
Let me tell yall
I may miss His touch.
But I dont really crave it that much.

I see it as a lesson learned.
Mr Hughes once asked; "What happens to a dream deferred?"
My dreams are here in word.

You see cause even if my dreams are un done deeds.
I can always write them out for all to see.

I am happy to acknowledge my past mistakes through poetic lyric.
Untill my next high yall



What are your thoughts?

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