Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Dating Sucks In The DMV

I've always been a super independent girl. I say girl because in some ways my independence developed as a juvenile and kinda got stuck there. Im stubborn, strong-willed and I always get my way--ALWAYS! So whomever God prepared for me needed to be even more independent and strong willed and tolerant (Lawdamercy he is patient).

Dating in the DMV didnt suck but it also wasn't a walk in the park. As I got closer to my 30s I started to be more intentional about dating. I created a list of wants/needs, organized my priorities, became civically engaged, volunteered, traveled, attended church, you know...put myself out there. Tradition has it that when you put these techniques into place, a man will just fall into your lap. Thats exactly what did not happen to me.

I didnt stumble upon my man doing these things alongside me. He didn't have time for that frivolous stuff--he was busy too!

It was friendship. We started off as platonic friends, blossoming into something...

Slowly burning.
Crockpot kinda love.

Physically, he isnt my type which is why it took me by surprise.

I met him at a networking event in Spring of 2016, he was quirky, boisterous, outgoing, cocky, pleasantly annoying--basically a male version of myself. No instant attraction whatsoever. But we naturally were drawn to each other. It was like instant friendship, when we exchanged Facebook friend requests it was if we'd been old pals.
Our conversations always flowed naturally and I felt at ease. I suppose that the lack of romantic intentions on either of our part helped ease our friendship into the bliss.

Our first outing in the Summer of 2016 was a platonic "double date" with mutual friends. Really just 4 single friends on a random outing but we joked the entire night about the double date concept. I remember rebuffing flirtatious dialogue from our other guy friend and naturally being drawn back to my future lover's side. Still nothing romantic piqued my interest.

But I could tell God was ordering my steps for something great. I had been on several dates that I now know were to prepare me. The man I had been talking to at the time seemed to be retracting from our teetering flirtatious friendship.


Make room for my new beau...

Last summer I went to the emergency room feeling nauseous. Good ole Facebook just initiated a feature that captured your "nearby friends" and he saw that I was in the area wanted to link up after his side gig was over. When I told him I was in the hospital he rushed to my side.

Guys, I was looking a hot mess. Liiike total hot mess. But you know what--because I still thought of him in the platonic sense, I didn't care. I moved with confidence and ease.

Later on I mentioned I was moving and he said he could come help me move. Great! I had about 6 other guy friends helping out, I didn't think anything of it.

He came over that Sunday and something clicked. We shared a bottle of red wine and I expressed my delight in the intricacies of the flavors and notes--he chimed in rhythm and that's when the lightbulb went off.

Right under my nose. This whole time???

Instantly, I started getting nervous, butterflies, sweat. OMG Do I really like this guy? We've been friends for nearly 2 years and its taken me this long to realize he could be The One?

That late summer Sunday in 2017 we shared our first kiss and it was magical. Our lives and worlds have collided perfectly ever since.

The End.

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