Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Recipe for PissedOffvity

I’m sitting on the Metro…Watching white men in good health, wearing cotton navy blue suits laden with pin stripes and the blood sweat and tears of my ancestors--discuss business deals using generational wealth.

White Men, manspread in every corner of the fucking earth claiming whatever land they land on. Legs white open encroaching on black territory.

Pop. Boom. Another nigger dead. And not one white tear shed. Yet white tears doth floweth amid eyes that rolleth; "I'm not responsible for what my ancestors did--why don't you just get over it?!"

I contemplate, how the fuck is this just?

Then, I get mad.

Not because every single colored thing that white people have ever touched has resulted in genocide, rape and disgust.

I’m mad because, I’m afraid to raise black babies in my black womb. To later on have to raise and lower black babies in white tomb.

I’m mad as hell.

Because our boys are seen as men, and our men are seen as thugs. Our black girls and black women are seen as walking sex-jugs for the appropriation by Kardashian thugs.

I’m pissed off.

Because they call our homeland corrupt as they hide their slave wealth in foreign bank accounts. They bleed and rape our lands till there’s nothing left but black dust.

I’m about to go off...
After years of being double conscious, suffering whitewashing & white assimilation, European beauty standards forced upon us--we’re told “Don’t dye your hair blonde” “Don’t wear dreadlocks” 

“Your booty is too much”

What. In thee. Entire. Fuck?

Shoot now, ask questions later.
Take now, ask resources later.
Lock up now, justice later.

Its known that...
Cocaine is white good. Crack is black bad.
Angel’s Food Cake = White
Devil’s Food Cake = Black

Subliminal Messages = Unconscious Biases.
Intentional Oppression mixed with Fortuitous Emancipation.
Add two drops of rage and shake together make for a…


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